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VPAN Concert Series 2019/2020

"Three for the Show"

Each year, we are proud to present three amazing shows. 

Our 2019/2020 season features LESLIE FAGAN, BRIDGE+WOLAK DUO and


leslie Fagan, soprano

Leslie Fagan is a Canadian soprano with a glowing International reputation. Wholenote Magazine says “her voice is nothing short of astonishing...she is in a class of her own.”

She will be accompanied by Lorin Shalanko, collaborist pianist and Guy Few, trumpet.

All three teach in the Music Department of Sir Wilfrid Laurier University.


November 3, 2019


Bridge and Wolak Duo

Michael Bridge and Kornel Wolak together uniquely fuse classical show pieces, rock, pop, jazz, and world music. Both are internationally renowned soloists who, together, build their concerts around an arsenal of showstoppers.

Individually acclaimed, together they are a dynamic musical team with an engaging stage presence.


March 1, 2020 


Rivka Golani & Angela Park

Rivka Golani is recognized as one of the outstanding violists of modern times; she is a source of inspiration to other players and to composers.  Angela Park has established herself as one of Canada’s most sought-after pianists. She performs with “such brilliant clarity it takes your breath away.” The combination of these two great talents will be an unsurpassed performance



March 29, 2020

Cancelled until further notice.


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