welcome to VPAN

    Welcome to VPAN, Visual & Performing Arts Newmarket.

    Are you interested in outstanding music and musicians? 

    If so, VPAN is the answer for you. 

    Every year, VPAN stages three exceptional music concerts at the Newmarket Theatre, 

    each featuring professional musicians, in a series called "Three for the Show".

    Please enjoy our web site. In addition to our upcoming shows, we have also included information and links to previous artists and performances we have had the pleasure to host. 

    Three for the Show

    Each year, we proudly present three amazing concerts. Our 2019-2020 performers are no exception with Leslie Fagan - soprano, BRIDGE+WOLAK Duo -  accordion and clarinet, and the duo of Rivka Golani and Angela Park - viola & piano. 

    Don't miss a minute of these exciting performances!  Get "Three for the Show" tickets now - Join Us 

    Leslie Fagan headed up 

    our first concert, on November 3, 2019 in the series

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    Come and enjoy the phenomenal musical fireworks featuring


    on March 1 2020.
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    Our third concert of the season showcases the instrumental viola  and piano with Rivka Golani and      Angela Park

    on March 29, 2020.


    Location: Newmarket Theatre

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    Previous 2017-2018 Series Photos

    Young Artists' Showcase

    Since the year 2000, VPAN has encouraged young, gifted musicians from the region by showcasing their talents on stage.

    Many of our featured performers have gone on to professional careers in music.  

    The Young Artists' Showcase was held on February 9, 2020.

    Location: Old Town Hall


    Here are some Photos from the February 9, 2020 Young Artists' Showcase Performances.

    Photos by Greg King

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    Has awarded NINE grants to VPAN - 

    See our News Section concerning the cancellation of the 2020 - 2021 Season.

    Come To A Concert

    See our News Section concerning the cancellation of the 2020 - 2021 Season.

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    Previous 2017-2018 Series Photos

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